About me

My name is Jakub Turský, I'm studying computer science at the Faculty of Natural Sciences UMB. In 2014 I successfully completed the first stage of university studies and currently continuing in studies at the second stage. In my free time I focus on sports, programming, web design, reading news from the world of web technology and other activities. I´m constantly trying to expand my knowledge and learn new things.

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

ŽP Informatika s.r.o., Podbrezová

7.07. 2014 – júl 2014, Company practice

The company provides services in information technology and software solutions to order.


Matej Bel University, Faculty of Natural Sciences

2011 – 2014

Backelor degree in computer science.

Gymnasium in Banská Štiavnica

2007 – 2011

Secondary education.

Characteristics and hobbies

responsibility, team work ability, work with a PC, music, sports, member of the football team.


my skills, abilities, knowledge

Jakub Turský

My principles

rules which I hold for creating website

  • Modern technology

    With the latest technology, which I applied in projects created modern websites. Processing of mentioned methodics follows the technical standards. Each page contains at least the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP.

  • Responsive design

    Responsive design I use to automatically adapt the structure of the website for the device on which it is displayed. The big advantage is to create a single application that can be displayed on mobile, tablet or laptop. Precisely for that reason I am doing every site responsive.

  • Valid code

    I'm creating a valid code that conforms to the rules for the creation of websites designed W3 Consortium.

  • Compatibility

    Comply with availability to view this page in the most used web browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer (version 8 above). View this page correctly and its individual elements on different browsers are an important part in the development of the site.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Set of SEO optimization techniques I use to determine search the web site in the top results in search engines (Google, list, etc.). I focus mainly on basic SEO settings in the source code of the page.


portfolio of created websites